2) Be kind to your liver by drinking plenty of water (not the flavoured kind, with artificial flavours and sweeteners in it)

3) Burn off some of those extra calories by getting the whole family outdoors for a Christmas walk; it’s a day for fun, and for family

4) Being around all the people that love and care for you is the best feeling of all, and has massive health benefits

5) Prevent injuries by being careful when doing things you wouldn’t usually do; also, take regular breaks and watch your posture!

6) Remember… it IS OK to say to the kids that they can’t play video games ALL DAY; be sociable

7) Grandad CAN be allowed to win at board games (they’ll be over quicker that way too!)

8) You don’t have to listen to Christmas songs on the day, as you’ve heard them in the shops for a month; give yourself a break1)

9) Over dinner, a nice touch would be to get everyone to say three specific things they’ve been genuinely grateful for this year2)

10) Make sure you are well-adjusted; nobody wants to be subluxated at Christmas (as a title, that’s a tough Christmas song to write!)

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from all of us at Alba x