The Benefits of an Alkaline-Friendly Diet: Top Five Tips

Did you know that an alkaline diet can reduce the risk of suffering from a variety of chronic diseases that are plaguing our aging population?


An alkaline-friendly diet can benefit bone health, reduce muscle wasting and mitigate other problems such as hypertension and strokes; it can even improve cardiovascular health and memory and cognition.

Here are five top tips to increase your alkalinity:

1) Drink hot water and lemon (squeeze half a lemon into hot water and top it up with cold water to make it drinkable)

2) Avoid acidic foods and increase your intake of fresh, leafy greens and vegetables – ideally eaten raw or lightly cooked

3) Add alkaline drops to water (you can buy these from health stores or online)

4) Exercising increases sweat, which in turn helps the skin to eliminate acids from the body; it also increases lung capacity, which helps the lungs to drain weak acids from the body. Ideally, try and exercise every day so your body can eliminate acids as they are being produced

5) Eat alkaline-healthy snacks so that you don’t inadvertently choose unhealthy options! Try soaked almonds, toasted pumpkin seeds, avocados, dry-roasted beans and sprouted legumes

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