It’s no secret that taking appropriate exercise is an essential part of your wellbeing – and walking is all that’s required to have an enormously positive effect on your health.


Have you ever just grabbed the car keys and driven straight to your destination without even thinking about trying to incorporate some exercise along the way? I know I have!

Is it realistic for you to park a mile from work and take a brisk 15-minute walk to the office? Perhaps you could do the same on the school run, rather than fighting through the traffic and trying to find a space?

If you were able to park the car a mile away and walk into school with the kids, just think of the benefits it would bring: valuable bonding time with the little ones, plus an active start to the day that will get bodies awake and brains fired up!

If you use public transport, why not get off at an earlier stop and walk the last 15 minutes? It takes approximately 2,000 steps to walk a mile, so once you’ve walked to and from school or the office, you’re almost halfway towards your daily goal of 10,000 steps.

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