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I came across alba online and rang them in the hope they could help me, I have had a trapped nerve in my back and as I have metal work in my spine I thought there would be nothing I could do. From the initial phone call up to my first visit into reception all the staff were very friendly and very professional. They made me feel like friend rather than a patient which put me so much at ease.

My Main chiropractor was Bea. What can I say? She is amazing!!! Not only did I have a trapped nerve bit i had other physical problems which Bea found and said she could adjust and improve for me. I was very emotional to say the least that she could help me.

From my first consultation to the end of my intial course noting was too much for these guys. I Also had massafes with Daanish which were fantastic and also improved my posture and mability immensely. He is Brilliant, My experience with Albahas been nothing short of 1st class!I would like to thank in particular Bea and Daanish who were both wonderful. 

Also the rest of the staff from the girls on the front desk and all the other Chiropractors who dealt with me namely, Alex and Nick thank you all so much. I would highly recomend Alba to anyone.


My name is Andy, I’m 56 years young and I’ve had back issues since my mid 20’s on and off, I’d occasionally get sciatica and at its very worst couldn’t feel my legs but like I said this was quite rare. More commonly I’d wake up with a stiff lower back which I could do nothing with because I couldn’t bend, my spine like a plank of wood with no give or flexibility, I learned to live with this for decades. The start of 2022 was very different, the pain became constant, and couldn’t even get up off the couch without some nerve or other getting pinched in my back causing horrendous pain and making me freeze in agony, in fact, I didn’t need to be moving to have that agonizing sharp stabbing pain that takes your breath away but the constant lower back pain was a nightmare.

I spotted something on social media about a Chiropractor clinic just around the corner from where I live (Obviously Alba) so made an appointment for an assessment, long story short, I was fortunate enough to have Jordan look after me and I kid you not, within a couple of weeks, the constant pain had been massively reduced and there were no sharp agonizing pains in my back, to me it was like a magic wand had been waved over my back. You may think I’m being dramatic but trust me that is exactly how it was. A few more weeks later and the movement and flexibility in my spine was back to something that I hadn’t experienced in years and the pain wasn’t exactly gone because I’d still occasionally I’d wake with a stiff back but the stretches that Jordan has given me to do soon sorted that out.

Jordan is very professional in her approach to treatment and her advice is a must to be taken, she just seems to know what adjustments are needed and where, she is very friendly and enjoys chatting with me while she administers treatment. She makes it feel like it’s a journey that you are on with her and not just on your own, her pleasure is obvious when you know you have made progress and that is infectious and makes you want to do more. 

In a nutshell, my back has never been so flexible and pain-free and this is down to the treatment and advice received from Jordan, she is an absolute star in my eyes, and myself and Alba are very lucky to have her.

I would absolutely recommend the team at Alba with no hesitation to anyone with back issues, they have changed my life.


In April 2022, I strained my left leg and back getting out of the bath, I was in a lot of pain so I sought help from my GP who prescribed pain killers, they also referred me to see a physio who gave me exercises to do. My doctor also made arrangements for me to have an MRI scan. I had to walk with a cane as I was struggling to walk.

In December 2022, I slipped again getting out of the shower and I hurt my leg and back. I called 111 for help. I was struggling and decided to make an appointment with a chiropractor to see if they can help.

I made an appointment with Alba and saw Beatrice. I received my MRI results that showed a disc protrusion and a disc pressing on a nerve which has caused my pain. I started treatment with Beatrice and I can now walk without a cane and feeling so much better. I have also started my massage and this is also helping. I would recommend anyone to Alba for treatment.


The whole team have been fantastic the whole time. Always greeted by a happy, friendly face and made to feel at home. Nina has been especially great, providing options to suit my abilities, schedule and job and the results are well worth it. I’ll definitely be returning for any readjustments!
Thank you wo much! 💜
Amber D.

Can’t recommend the team at Alba highly enough. I’ve been treated at Heaton moor and in their Warrington clinic and they’re wonderful! So effective at treating my pain and helping me understand how to look after my back. They’ve been a Godsend during my pregnancy also.
Rachel P.

Best decision I’ve ever done. Came here after i had an injury lifting weights. Was in so much pain couldn’t put my shoes on for months.
Lovely lady called Nina helped me out. She had so much time for me, listening to every problem i had. She made sure i was sticking to the plan and few months later my posture changed so much for the good. Withing a year of my injury im back lifting weight and doing a powerlifter competition.
Would 100% recommend anyone going here.

Ian w.

After struggling with recurring back problems, my main form of exercise, climbing, was becoming less and less enjoyable as I waited for the next injury.
I’m grateful for having been referred to Alba, as chiropractic hadn’t ever crossed my mind as a potential solution to my issues. The treatment I’ve received, primarily from Nina and Calum, has been great. They’ve been knowledgeable, encouraging and all-round good fun.
My back’s feeling better than it has in years, I’m enjoying exercising again, my tinnitus has unexpectedly improved and feeling like human bubble wrap in adjustments is pretty fun..

J. S.

From the very beginning I knew I was in safe hands. Andy conducted a through assessment and was able to diagnose the problem. I’ve been seen by Andy and Beatrice who are exceptionally professional and listen to my concerns. I was in so much pain and I am delighted with how quickly I have responded to the treatment . Highly recommended thank you for everything.

Bridged M.

I arrived at the clinic unable to stand from a sitting or lying down position without wincing in agony and I can’t thank Alba enough for making time to fit me in and starting my journey back to health and normality. Staff were friendly, knowledgable and I felt completely confident in their treatments as they analysed my X-rays and made my first spinal adjustment before my own doctor even responded with a prescription request for pain relief! I now have a complete care package in place for the next 12 weeks to sort out my issues and feel like my future spinal health can finally be pain free. Thank you!

Johanna H-S.

Ele T is amazing, I’ve gone from hardly being able to move my neck and back to feeling better than I have in years in just a couple of weeks, which with a new baby requiring lots of lifting and carrying, seems nothing short of a miracle! I’ve also seen another therapist here for holiday cover, another Ellie, who was also very good. The reception staff are all lovely, premise is well maintained, highly recommend on all counts.

Donna B.

Best decision I ever made! After a desperate attempt to get rid of my migraines I phoned up and got an appointment that day as I felt my head would explode and was pregnant! I also have a toddler as well… the agony!! Lewis really helped me and then he helped with my pgp and kept me walking and active in my pregnancy like I hadn’t been with my first!! I love all the team! The receptionists are the happiest I’ve ever met! Thank you you all for the support you have given and still do fit my back and pelvis!

Emily B-C.

I am a 15-year-old dancer and have been suffering from sciatic-like pains for over two years. I had tried a range of different treatments – ranging from doctors to physiotherapists – but nothing seemed to work. I eventually decided to try chiropractic and chose Alba based upon the outstanding qualifications of Jemma and her husband. Jemma has been very positive right from the beginning and diagnosed an understandable reason for my pains. I have been receiving treatment for around eight weeks and the improvement has been tremendous. I am now able to do things my body was unable to do before treatment.


Love going to Alba, always look forward to going in and having my treatment. Staff are always friendly and attentive and there’s always a good atmosphere when entering. The rooms are very clean and get cleaned between each customer which is really good especially with COVID around which makes me feel safe and happy when arriving for my appointment.
Would highly recommend ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

James M.

I suffer very badly with tight shoulders and back, and tension in my neck, head and jaw. Following a recommendation from my son to see Kristy for treatment, as he had studied with her at college, I made the appointment and went to my initial visit. Kristy immediately put me at ease – explaining exactly what she was going to be doing with me and how much pressure she would apply, which I found to be extremely helpful. Kristy is very much a people person and I would recommend her 100 percent to anybody I know.


Can not speak highly enough of everyone at Alba !!
I have seen a few of the chiropractor’s and they are all amazing !!
Very professional and friendly and so helpful . I’m pain free which is such a relief and it’s all down to these guys .
Had the best back massage ever from Pete .Lots of helpful advice to keep me active and pain free .Really appreciated.
Would definitely recommend.


Sharon M.

 I wish to highly recommend Alex and his team at Alba and I wish I has used his services 8 years ago. In my case finding such a great alternative professional has been the best move I have ever made. Thank you Alex for everything you have done for me.

Ray C.

I first attended the practice in January this year after experiencing pain and discomfort in my neck and shoulders. My report appointment with Nick S. was thorough and well explained so I continued with a course of adjustments with him. This has resulted in the removal of pain and with the aid of the suggested exercises a complete recovery of all movement in the neck area. The subsequent massages of my shoulders and back have removed any tightness and discomfort which enable me to enjoy life again. Many thanks to the team at Alba.


I have suffered with headaches/migraines all of my adult life. Despite being on medication to prevent headaches, taking copious amount of painkillers, I suffered on average 2/3 times a week. A friend suggested I contact Alba to see if them could help. I thought chiropractors only helped with back problem! I was cynical but thought it was worth to checking out. 

Beatrice was assigned to me and took time to listen to my issues, did various tests, took photographs of my posture and advised I attend a course of alignment procedures to correct and adjust my spine, followed by a series of massage treatments with Peter. I have attended sessions for approximately 8 weeks and can honestly say I have had only approximately 3 ‘mild’ headaches – usually after an intense deep tissue massage session with Peter. I have been given various exercises to complete daily and applied ice to certain areas after some sessions. 

My experience has been extremely positive from reception through to the rest of the team at each stage there have been explanations and updates. I would highly recommend people to come to Alba clinic for a professional and friendly service. Well worth a phone call and consultation.


I came to Alba with severe neck pain and lower back pain. I was unable to move my head fully from left to right and my back was very stiff and painful. 

After a thorough examination, manipulation and massage, I have almost 100% movement and my pain has decreased and so have my headaches! 

We are always welcomed warmly by all the staffs and Beatrice and Luis have been wonderful with my treatment. Luis always keeps me entertained with a great choice of music during my massage. I would highly recommend Alba to anyone who needs treatment.


In 2020 my weeks and days were made up of cycling 200+ miles on my road bike, running 5 miles most days and working out with weights at the Gym. My employment demanded that I keep my fitness high.

Sadly in 2021, I was running along in my own world when I tripped over a wheel trim, (the fine metal ring inside the wheel trim). This led to a year or two of treatment from cortisone, physio, hyaluronic acid and keyhole surgery. Three years of limping later and a complete knee replacement, I was totally out of line.

I will describe some of the pains.

Especially in bed a night, there were stabbing pains into my hip points. Shooting pains from my lower back, down the side of my leg, through my outer knee area and to my big toe. I was taking pregabalin, tramadol, paracetamol, and ibuprofen every night to prevent some of the pain. Sometimes event that lot didn’t work.

My left shoulder was in a constant cramp, waking with my left arm feel numb. I was carrying that shoulder at least an inch higher than my right. Strangely I didn’t know. Along with that, the center left of my spine at the side of my shoulder blade ached as soon as I started to walk more than 100 meters. This all caused my migraine to occur often.

I decided that I needed to be assessed structurally. My skeleton felt out of line and there must have been some enormous problems that needed sorting out. This could not be normal, after keeping myself so fit for so long, I was missing my endorphins and my exercise fix. The doctor sent me for x rays, scans of all kinds and nothing major was showing up.

I contacted Alba.

I was assessed and a photograph taken of my posture, notes taken on ailments, medical history and lifestyle. The question I liked the most was what do you want to achieve. I know I have high expectations of myself and so was honest to myself at 60 and said, “I want to lose a stone and a half, get back to the gym using weights 3 times a week, swim a mile 3 times a week, walk for miles (not a good idea to run again on a knee replacement), cycle again and sleep soundly with no pain and begin my life again.

I have completed 12 Adjustments mainly with Nick, then Beatrice/Alex and last but far from least Kyle for deep tissue massage. Every week I felt a little more like my old self. I have lost 10 lb, my bike is being serviced, I work out at the gym 3 – 4 times a week, I do yoga every day, Zumba, walk for miles and the icing on the cake is that I sleep for a good 8 – 9 hours. (Retirement perk).

I cannot describe the feeling after treatments, I walk out feeling 10 years younger. I feel powerful, confident and there is a strange but beautiful hum around my spine/neck/hips and shoulders. It is similar to the hum you get in your muscles when you have completed a long cardio session. I have an addictive personality so need to be careful not to become addicted to the fantastic elation feeling after my appointments.

I have no idea that these adjustments and massage could make such a MASSIVE difference to my life. I do actually feel that I have been given a second chance to really live my life again.

Thank you Alba and all my treatment providers


I can’t recommend the team at Alba highly enough .When I started my treatment I was in chronic pain and struggling to cope with multiple problems mainly back and neck pain . Now I’m 2/3rds of the way through the treatment program set out I’m almost pain free, my knees don’t hurt, my tendonitis that I usually have in my elbows over winter is non existent. My back flexibility has improved and I can turn my neck like I’m 18 again .
I’ve never had a massage before as part of chiropractic treatment and was unsure at first but now I look forward to it because Peter knows what he’s doing and he makes me feel at ease . Beatrice the chiropractor is a master of her trade and super nice. Put your trust in her, you won’t be disappointed with the results.
Lee S.

Great service. Nina have fixed my back. After suffering from lower back pain for year, I can really appreciate new quality of life. Playing with my little daughter on the floor is a joy now! Highly recommended.
Thank you
Radek Z.

I had first attended for a consultation as I had previously recovered from a work injury that left me in a back brace for 5 months and my confidence trusting my back in the gym had suffered ever since along with getting pain throughout the area and lack of mobility. Coming from a high level sport background I knew it was best to get everything checked out and the importance of taking care of your body. I had x-rays done and got the results the day after. I started treatment including adjustments and then massages alongside further down the line, I was given daily exercises to do at home to help in between my sessions and now the pain has all but gone and I feel like my back is now in a much more solid state and I can trust putting some load back onto it. I didn’t think I would see such improvement given where I had come from to start but going into each session i started to feel the benefit and you also have assessments periodically so you can see your progression and how far you have come. I cant fault the service and dedication put in by all who work here. Their professionalism and all round positivity makes you feel welcome and better about the situation throughout your treatment. Would recommend to anyone.

Kieran D.

I have had back problems for over 15 years, that have got progressively worse. Lockdown exacerbated it further since I wasn’t able to go to my usual physio for 18 months. I was having back spasms throughout the night every night and was in a really bad place physically. I looked for local chiropractors and, from other reviews and the website, Alba stood out. Right from the first meeting they were very professional. I felt they really listened to me and got to understand the best treatment; both for current pain and the underlying causes. It is daunting to see a 3 month plan and the associated costs, but after the initial 3 months and over 30 treatments I feel like a changed man, and have my life back. I am now on a plan that consists of 3 treatments a month (at reduced costs) to keep on top of things , and this is really working for me. I even feel confident enough to revisit activities that I had had to stop as they usually would have made my back go into spasm. Nina and Lewis in particular have been great (as they have done the majority of my treatments), but all staff are warm and friendly. I would highly recommend.

Chris S.

I have been going to Alba for a while now went in at the being very bent now I can stand up straight can’t recommend them highly enough for all sorts of different problems that you may have.


Norma W.

What can I say about this place. Words don’t seem enough!! I went earlier this year after suffering from lower back pain for many years after a career as a nurse. I had strained my back many years ago and this was the consequence together with older age. Today I feel wonderful both physically and mentally, Andy worked his magic and I’m now completely pain free whilst Amanda’s little elbows got my muscles freed up and working as they should. You really can’t put a price on how good I feel at the minute snd long will it continue.
Great place, lovely caring staff who actually listen and deliver what they promise. Very very highly recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Susan D.

After my own doctor diagnosed the severe pain I was having in my lower back as muscular, I had to find help as I could not walk, bend, stretch or even sit still without pain. I found Alba on google and after my initial assessment and x-rays, I was told the problem had been caused by years of wear and tear and they could help to fix the problem, this was just before Christmas.
I would say it only took 3 or 4 sessions before I was able to feel the benefit of pain easing and movement returning. I am now just over half way through my treatment plan and the difference is truly amazing,
I would recommend Alba to anyone who if suffering with back pain as there is really no need to suffer when the problem can be solved.

Lynne N.

I find all of the staff friendly and my treatment here from Alex has not only helped me mobility-wise, but has also put an end to my dependency on prescriptive medications. I would like to thank everyone at Alba, but especially ‘Dr Magic’ Alex – a truly unique individual and practitioner.


I came to Alba because I had a pain in my coccyx, which kept me awake at night and unable to sit on the sofa comfortably. I am only four weeks into my treatment, but already I can sit on the sofa and my chair at work. I no longer get woken up in the night by the pain, and there are some days when the pain is gone, which has encouraged me to keep doing the exercises that Jemma gives me to do between visits. I have also discovered that my short-term memory has improved, which is fantastic.


When I first come to Alba it was just for a consultation with Jordan. She explained everything they could do for me as I have Osteoarthritis which has meant me to have terrible pains in my spine. Jordan was very knowledgeable about my problems and went through everything they could do for me. I was very impressed and was very eager to start my treatment. Within 2 to 3 weeks, I could see the benefits in my spine. As the weeks have gone by it has improved so much, I am so happy. The massage was first class, so relaxing, Many thanks to lovely reception girls as well as Jordan xx


Thank you very much for being a massive part in helping me recover from my knee replacement.

I arrived with shooting pains down my legs to my toe, hip pain and lower back pain. A very stiff shoulder on the left & migraines.

Now!! No hip or lower back pain, full nights of sleep, no shooting pains, my shoulder is 75% of the way fixed and my migraines are a part of me. Your neck work always gets ridof it, though my shoulder is the way I am standing/walking through habit after limping for so long. I am working on that.

For all the over leaf work you have done. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I had been in a lot of pain and little mobility in my shoulder. So I thought I would try chiropractic care.

Nick has been my practitioner and after a course of a few months the improvement is wonderful, the mobility is very much improved.

I have had two massage sessions which have helped as well, thank you Kyle & Peter.

I can recommend it you have problems this practice is very thorough in everything they do.

I would like to thank Nick and the team for everything.


I spent May last year visiting my son and his family in Texas. During the last week there I began to suffer excruciating pain in my right hip, down into my leg, and needed to lie flat constantly. I became increasing worried about how I was going to manage the journey home, so two days before my flight, my son took me to Urgent care, where I was diagnosed with sciatica; I was given an injection and prescribed tramadol tablets, which relieved the pain sufficiently to be able to sit on the aircraft. Once home, a friend advised me to contact Alba, which I did. I had no idea about any of the treatments on offer, but made an appointment and arrived the next afternoon. My appointment was with Calum; I didn’t know what to expect but I was given an appointment and before long I found total relief without medication. I should also like to say how efficient, friendly and helpful I find the reception staff at Alba. It is always a delight to attend the clinic


I arrived at Alba in much pain with a trapped nerve in my back, going down my left side. 

I met Beatrice and within 5 sessions my severe pain had gone. Beatrice has been very understanding with me and has explained every step we have made so far.  

I still have some way to go but I’m very happy with the results so far. I’m looking forward to getting back to 100% I would say. I’m 65% there now and I’m only had 9 sessions, very happy. 


I would highly recommend Alba. All the staff are very friendly & helpful. I came with a long term back problem & recent sciatica. Calum was able to deal with the sciatica almost immediately & I will be returning on a monthly basis to keep it in check. Thank you Callum 


cant praise the Team and Yoko enough, I had sciatic nerve issues which was my reason for contacting them but following a very full and thorough review ….there were a few other issues, however, the team are brilliant and got me on a plan and Yoko is amazing, for the first time in months I am not eating painkillers everyday, my movement, flexibility and mood are so much better and I am only at the start of this journey – I fully and totally recommend them! 5Star – Top Team

Julie M.

About 4 weeks ago I had a nasty throat/chest infection that caused me to cough so badly I’ve been experiencing pain and discomfort in my left side. Last week the pain got worse and turned into sharp shooting spasms, I’ve not been able to walk or sleep properly. I had an appointment today with Ellie as I was getting extremely concerned and wanted to see if there was anything she could do. Sherrie (receptionist) very kindly arranged for me to have my consultation downstairs to avoid any further discomfort. Ellie did a full examination including several adjustments and already I’m starting to feel a difference. She’s booked me for a follow up appointment and if needed will take some x-rays. It goes without saying the staff at Alba Spinal Health Centre go above and beyond to ensure the health and well-being of their patients! ❤️

Sarah J.

Such an amazing chiropractor center with the best staff. Been going for roughly a year and in just 3 months I’d seen a massive difference. Clear and transparent with everything they do. Highly recommend

Aiden W.

I have been attending Alba for approx 15 mths now and would highly recommend this clinic. The staff are always welcoming and professional. During this time I have received an xray, 3 mths initial program which improved my posture due to scoliosis. I now continue treatments with regular monthly adjustments with Ellie and occasional massages with Calum which minimise any pain/discomfort I can sometimes experience. (due to my condition). Throughout the pandemic the staff have maintained a safe environment for us patients. Temperature always checked on arrival, masks worn throughout, hand sanitiser available, screens in place at reception and a one way system entrance/exit etc. Thank you Alba Team!

Sharon H.

Amazing one hour sports massage today…. bought the Groupon offer so was great value for money. would recommend and will return xx

Leanne E.

Excellent service! I got in touch with Alba Clinic after having suffered a nagging pain in my upper back, radiating all the way to the lower left. I tried to control the pain for over a year and a half even though it affected my workouts and daily routine.

During the initial consultation, Nina clearly explained the issues visible from the Xray and posture. Nina laid out a plan for restoring me back to my normal self and just after a couple of sessions, I noticed quite positive results.
I continued to follow the recommended exercises and after a few sessions, the pain has now completely disappeared. I started my heavy workouts just to make sure the pain wouldn’t return and it definitely hasn’t.

Nina is exceptionally intelligent, friendly and works with a very professional yet down to earth attitude. I am quite pleased with the results and would definitely recommend Alba Clinic and especially Nina!


I have visited Alba for many months now and really enjoyed my visits there. All the staff are so friendly and make you feel completely at ease. Kate who did my treatment is such a lovely person…(l felt like I was going to visit a friend rather then to get an adjustment) and she is amazing at her job, really helping with my problems with my back! I would not hesitate to recommend Alba in the future and want to thank all the staff there for amazing treatment and care.

Gemma D.

Can’t say enough good things about Alba. First and foremost, the lower back issues that I thought weren’t ever going away went away.. within 3 months. The staff could not be more accommodating, and the culture within the organisation is very warming; they are a tightly knit team of professionals who take pride in their work. Life-changing treatments, invaluable advice, great people. I’d go there just for a natter 😁

Jack B.

Alba is the best decision I’ve ever made. Starting my full treatment soon, but just being told exactly what is wrong with me, the course of action and a full consultation can help more than you could ever imagine! I highly recommend Lewis- he puts you first and always makes sure you’re happy and comfortable. All the staff in Alba are lovely also.

Harley C.

I had been enduring sciatica, lower back and right hip pain for several months, which was responding to painkillers. It was restricting what I could do in my daily life, such as fun activities with my children, and I was putting maintenance jobs off around the house. After my first adjustment, I started to improve and, by six weeks, my symptoms had been resolved. Advice on my back posture at work and whilst driving has helped prevent recurrences of my problem, and I was fitted with an orthotic sole insert following a scan, which has taken pressure off my spine.


I can really recommend Alba Chiropractic, the service and the care are fantastic. I know it is a journey to recovering health and will take consistent visits to Alba – I’m confident the team here will take good care of me and my family.

Rachael D.

Just wanted to say I’m hugely thankful to Ele and very upset that financially I can’t carry on the treatment! I’ll be recommending Alba to everyone! only wish I had gone sooner and while I was working so I could afford it.

Scott H.

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