Here are four reasons to move more!


1) More oxygen reaching our muscles: If you are experiencing tight muscles, you are restricting blood flow and, therefore, oxygen to your muscles – leading to soreness; moving more means more nutrients for our muscles

2) Weight: The more exercise we do, the more calories we burn. Losing excess weight can help a variety of things, such as reducing pressure on joints (which can help prevent arthritis), as well as lessening the chance of high blood pressure, type two diabetes and heart disease

3) Hormones: In times of high pressure or anxiety, your adrenal glands produce the hormones cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline to prepare us for a fight/flight response. If this is constantly occurring, it can lead to: – Increased blood pressure and cholesterol – Decreased immunity – Poor sleep We can’t get rid of all the stressful things in life, but we can work to find ways to help us cope better, such as learning calming breathing techniques and taking regular exercise

4) The social element: Exercising can be a really good way to meet people and is often a good motivator to keep on going if you have a team behind you!

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