We’ve all seen those popular videos pop up where there’s a Chiropractor adjusting someone, and they sound like a toddler let loose on some bubble wrap. 

But… honestly… We’re in two minds about it.

Let us explain.

TikTok, although not new anymore, is definitely the newest social media app on the block – cementing itself as ‘here to stay’, alongside the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

And although a huge proportion of its early adopters were young teens, you’ve now got everyone going viral with short, attention-grabbing, engaging videos.

The number of views a lot of these videos are getting – even in just their first 24 hours – is MIND BLOWING.

And we can understand why you might assume we’re excited to see Chiropractors, Osteopath & Osteomyologist going viral on there too.

After all, while we’ve come a seriously long way in the past 20 years, spinal health care still isn’t as ‘mainstream’ as we’d like – considering how effective it is at treating so many issues.

But the ‘back cracking’ videos that rack up 100,000s or millions of views aren’t a reflection of a typical adjustment.

They’re the shocking ones, with the loudest cracks and most extravagant positions.

And our fear – it risks not only giving spinal therapists a bad name, and misinforming people around what the benefits truly are, but will also put people off out of fear!

After all, the true benefits from spinal health care come from proper diagnosis and regular treatment, but also lifestyle changes that support you living a healthy life, free of pain.

NOT getting practically steam rolled for a TikTok video, with a highly sensitive microphone held as close to your spine as humanly possible.

Overall, we don’t think it’s going to do the image of spinal health care much good. But… What do you think?


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