Free Corporate Spinal Screenings

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It is estimated that back pain will affect as many as four out of five people each year in Britain, which translates into 4.5 million workdays lost each year, resulting in an estimated loss over £335 Million in lost revenue to employers. The biggest losers, however, are the millions of people who will have their lives blighted by this condition.

This is where our services can help to improve both productivity and attendance for employers, but most importantly make significant positive changes to the lives and wellbeing of your employees.

Included in our events 1:1 spinal checks with our practitioners to assess if spinal care is something they could benefit from. We also offer a brief informative presentation on your spine and how it functions as well as common causes for dysfunction leading to pain.

Our spinal screenings are completely free for all local companies and businesses no matter how big or small. All we need is a meeting room, foyer, kitchen, canteen or reception room to stand in and your support in letting your employees know we are there.

These events can be completely tailored to your business needs so please get in contact to begin planning your spinal screening!

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